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Introduction for
Meet Directors

EZMeets <-> Hytek Instructions

EZMeets Meet Director
Page Instructions


Meet Directors

Later deadlines
No Declarations. With later deadlines you don't need them.
No faxes, phone calls, e-mails or expensive overnight deliveries
High Speed Reliable service

Enter & update entries anytime from anywhere

No special software needed.

Use any Internet browser.

Avoid hours of typing, proofing & correcting

Import entries into almost any meet management program that can import text files, including EZ Track & Field, HyTek and RunScore.

Custom Meet Director features available.
See entries anytime, manage entering teams, passwords, etc.

Affordable. No per athlete charges.

Ideal for meets small & large.
Used at Drake Relays & Stanford Invitational

E-mail EZMeets some information about your track meet.



Your Meet's Events

100, 200, HJ
Steeplechase, Hammer

If you use EZ Track & Field, Track-on-a-Mac or Hy-Tek, send me a backup copy of your files.

Age/Sex Groups

Men, W, JV Boys

Hy-Tek users: I need corresponding Division numbers.

Meet Deadline and other information

11:59 PM (Central Time) on May 12.

Links to your web sites:

Comments (Yes/No)?

You can have a comments box after each seed mark entry. Normally, this is for when and where each seed mark was obtained.
Hy-Tek can import these comments as entry "notes."

Need Team Information?

You can have a team information entry boxes on each team's entry page. Information requested is normally the team's Contact Name, Phone Number and E-mail address. You can require the coach to send this information before he/she can enter athletes.

Additional Team Information services are available for an additional fee.

You can use the same information database for several meets.

Password E-mailing

You can e-mail passwords to coaches directly from your EZMeets.com > Meet Director's > Team Info page. Send a copy of the mail-merge letter that you want to e-mail.

A copy of each password e-mail is also sent to you. I need your e-mail address.


If you want, send me a small meet logo (e.g. gif, jpeg, etc.) that you want on the EZMeets.com home page.

Billing Information

Where do I send the bill?
You can pay by purchase order, pre-paid check or PayPal.


I then construct a private test pages for your review. When ready, I activate the link to your EZMeets.com pages so coaches can enter your meet.

I also send you:

Meet Director password

Use it to access your Meet Director page and any team's entry page.

FTP access information

Most users can download via their browser. Some need a program with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) capabilities to move files from your EZMeets.com InBox to your computer.

Some FTP programs are: WS_FTP LE (Windows), Fetch (Macintosh).
Almost all browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, etc) can also download files.

FTP Information includes:

Host Address: EZMeets.com
UserName: This tells EZMeets.com which meet's InBox you want to see.
Password: This authorizes access.

For an overview of how it's done with Hy-Tek go to:
EZMeets <-> Hytek Overview


The Meet Director's Page

You're in control with the Meet Director's page.

Please read more about the Meet Director's page at Meet Director's Page Details

You do it all with your browser for any computer with Internet connection.

Enter New Teams

You control who enters your meet. Enter the new team name. Use the recommended password or assign your own. If you wish, e-mail the password to the coach directly from EZMeets.com.

You handle all coaches' requests to attend your meet, send passwords, etc.

Update Team Information

Update team information and passwords anytime

E-mail a password with a mouse click

Send each coach his password in a form letter directly from EZMeets.com

View Team List

This is a one-page summary of team names, passwords and e-mail addresses.
Click on a "mailto:" link and send an e-mail to any coach. (You must set up your browser to e-mail.)

View Event Entries

You can see who's entered in every event, anytime.

Close Entries

Just click a button. (To re-open entries, update any team's information.)

Create Files for your computer

Update these files with the latest entry information & download them anytime.

We have several features to protect your meet information:

Dedicated Servers

EZMeets.com computers are for meet entries. They are not shared with other companies.

Crash Detection and Auto-Restart

Special software and hardware monitors the computer and restarts the computer if there's a problem.

Manual Restart

If all else fails, the server can be manually restarted with a coded telephone call

File Backups

Database files are archived after every 30 minutes of activity.

Audit Trails

This is a log of every athlete entry and update. You can download to your computer and import into almost any program that accepts tab-delimited files. You'll know, to the second, who did what.

Coaches' Paper Reciepts

Coaches are instructed to print their EZMeets.com entry page at the end of each session. This 'reciept' is hard copy evidence of their entries

Want more info? Please e-mail me at PeterG@Sonic.net

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