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EZMeets.com Troubleshooting Guide

I need some information about a meet.

Contact the Meet Director.
EZMeets does not manage meets.

How do I enable JavaScript?

EZMeets uses JavaScript, a feature in all browsers, to check entries before you submit them.
This helps ensure your entries are correct so they are accepted. If your browser's JavaScript is off or disabled, you may submit bad entry information, which may be rejected.

Please turn on or enable your browser's JavaScript using the Tools or Preferences menu.
If you need help, see your browser's instructions or go here.

My team name isn't listed.

Contact the Meet Director.
The Meet Director, not EZMeets, enters accepted team names.

The Meet Director says the team is entered in EZMeets, and I have my password. But, my team is still not in the team list.

You are probably viewing an obsolete page that's stored in your computer. Web browsers use caches and temporary files to save download time.
Each web browser has different ways to force new pages to download or refresh. Check your browser's Preferences or Internet Tools settings to:

  • Empty the browser's "Cache" or Temporary files.
  • Force a complete reload every time you view a page rather than looking at cached pages.
  • Refresh a page using new, not cached, information.

Although caches are usually in your browser, they may also be maintain by your Internet provider or company computer system. Some Internet providers have web site "accelerators", which may cache pages. Contact your Internet provider or company for more information.

If you are unable to empty your browser's cache, try a different browser (e.g. FireFox, Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.).

I forgot my password

Please contact the Meet Director who controls the passwords.
EZMeets can only resend original password e-mails.

I didn't get my password or entry list e-mail

  • SPAM filtering software may be installed on your computer or used by your e-mail provider or internet service provider. To ensure that you receive your password e-mail, add "ezmeets@sonic.net to your e-mail safe list.
  • Be sure we have your correct e-mail address.
  • Be sure your mailbox isn't full.

The meet's home page does not completely display.

Your school's computer system may have a content filter that stops the page from downloading. Some EZMeets pages contain the word "sex" where it needs boy/girl or men/women information.
If the filter blocks the word "sex", the page will not completely display.
Disable the filter or switch to a computer system with a less strict filter.

I can get to my team's entry page, but I don't see where I can enter my athletes.

Some Meet Directors require you to complete some team information before you can enter athletes. This information is at the top of your team's entry page.
Team information is important if the Meet Director needs to contact you.
Complete and send this information to EZMeets. Then, you should see entry blanks for athletes.

I get error messages when I enter an athlete's seed mark.

EZMeets checks seed mark formats after each track and field seed mark entry. If the format is wrong, you'll get an error message and the seed mark changes to "NM".
Why? Some meet management computer programs will ignore or change badly formatted seed marks. Thus, your athlete may not be entered in an event or get an incorrect seed mark.
For more information about seed mark formats please see How to Enter Seed Marks.

If you enter a time in tenths of a second, you may get a message that says an "h" suffix is added to the time. This is not an error. The "h" tells the meet director that you entered a hand time, which may be corrected to a Fully Automatic Time (FAT) equivalent. You can avoid the message by typing the "h" yourself. Do not enter hand times in hundredths.

Entry boxes are automatically filling in with 'stuff'.

Turn off your browser's auto-fill option.

I have a problem with entry fees or other things about the meet..

Contact the Meet Director...not EZMeets.
Please, do not reply to the computer-generated password e-mail from EZMeets. It may be a long time for a human to read your e-mail who will tell you to contact the meet director.

I'm still having technical trouble with the EZMeets web site.

If you're having technical problems with EZMeets.com and have tried everything, please e-mail EZMeets at EZMeets@sonic.net with a detailed description of your problem. Please include the meet name, your team name, a problem description. If possible, include screen captures. Thanks.