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How to Enter Seed Marks





Do This


Before Entries Open

1. Setup your meet.

2. Backup your HyTek meet file

EZMeets uses:

  • Meet events
  • Team divisions if you assign divisions by event

You can set up the other meet information, later.

Team Names

Keep team names short so they will print properly on Hytek reports.

Create a team name for each team, unattached individual or group of unattached athletes:
Examples: "Stanford", "Unattached-Smith", Unattached-Jones", "Unattached-Stanford" (for red shirts)
Assign unique passwords to each team and Unattached individual. (You could assign the same password to a college team and their Unattached (red shirt) team.)


Team Abbreviations

Please read Hytek documentation on team abbreviations for teams and unattached athletes.

When you create a new team in EZMeets, assign a unique team abbreviation. If you assign the same abbreviation to more than one team, their entries will merge into one team when you import entries into Hytek. (This may or may not be what you want.)

If you import entries into a completely empty Hytek meet database, Hytek will create one team per team abbreviation.
If you import entries into a Hytek meet database that already has teams, entries will be assigned to pre-existing teams with matching team abbreviations.

If you assign all Unattached teams the same team Hytek team abbreviation (e.g. "UNA"), they will be merged into a single team when you import them into Hytek. You can change that team name from whatever it is to "Unattached".

You have a lot of flexibility in merging teams when you import entries from EZMeets.
Control this by carefully:

  • Assigning Team Names
  • Assigning Team Abbreviations
  • Selective purging of data from Hytek before importing


  1. Before you import, your Hytek meet file has a team called "Unattached" with team abbreviation "UNA".
  2. In EZMeets, you have several Unattached-xxx teams. All have the same "UNA" team abbreviation.
  3. When you import EZMeets entries into Hytek, all will become part of the pre-exisiting "Unattached" team.

3. E-mail the Backup file with special meet instructions (e.g. entry deadline dates) to PeterG@Sonic.net

EZMeets uses you Hytek file to:

  • Create your on-line entry files.
  • Test imports.

When Entries are Open

From your secure EZMeets > Meet Director page:

  • Add delete and update team information and passwords.
  • See entries from your secure Meet Director's page.

Do not change a team name after that team has entries. If you need to change a team name after that team has entries, either

  • Contact EZMeets. They will change the team name of the athletes already entered.


  • Change the team name after you import into Hytek.

After Entries Close

1. On the EZMeets > Meet Director's page, click the button to create the HyTek entry file.

You can also create text files with other formats to import into other meet management programs (e.g. EZ Track & Field)

2. Move the entry file from your secure EZMeets "InBox" to your computer.

I e-mail you:

  • Host Name: EZMeets.com
    (Browsers might use ftp://EZMeets.com)
  • User Name/ID: This defines the InBox for your meet.
  • Password: This authorizes access
  • Directory or Account: leave blank

You can use any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program.
Examples: WS_FTP LE
or Internet Explorer

You can also download an audit trail file that has almost all entry transactions. View this tab-delimited file with Excel, Word or database.

You can also download using some web browsers like Internet Explorer.


In the Address box, type:

Your User Name
colon (:)
Your FTP password

Press Enter.

Choose the file you want to download.
Then drag or right-click to download the file to your computer.

You can "bookmark" this address to make it easy to return, later.

This does not work with all combinations of browsers and operating systems.

3. Import your entries into HyTek.

Selectively purge the Hytek meet database of all data or keep team information before importing.

When you import, you are adding to and/or overwriting information that's already in the Hytek meet database. This gives you a lot of flexibility. Before you import, you should make a backup of your Hytek file.

Select accept Notes option if you're using EZMeet's entry comments.from coaches.

Hytek overwrites pre-existing seed marks.

Hand Time Conversions

Seed mark times entered in tenths of a second are considered hand times. Times entered in hundredths of a second are considered FAT (fully automatic time) times.

EZMeets.com handles hand times two ways:

Old Way:
For sprints and short races where the coach must enter seed marks in seconds only, EZMeets.com immediately adds .24 seconds to the seed mark. This way is being phased out. Hytek cannot automatically convert these times.

New Way
For all running events, EZMeets adds an "h", for hand time to all times entered in tenths of a second.
A coach can also type the "h" and avoid an alert message. This is the same as typing a hand time into Hytek > Athletes. EZMeets.com does not adjust the time. Hytek does this.

Automatically Converting Hand Times in Hytek
You must tell Hytek how to convert, then turn on converting. Hytek will then convert when you import the semi-colon delimited file of entries.

How to Convert
In Setup > Meet Setup, choose the type of meet to choose the conversions.

Meet Type
High School
Hytek adds .24 seconds to all hand times ending in "h".
Adds .24 seconds to races less than 400m
Adds .14 seconds to 400m races.
Adds nothing to long races.

Turn On Converting
Check Hytek > Set Up > Entry Scoring Preferences > Entries/Results > Convert Hand Entry Times to FAT

Test Converting
Rulebooks and Hytek conversions may change. Test hand time conversions.

  1. Go to Hytek > Athletes. Enter a test athlete.
  2. Enter hand times by typing a time and end it with an "h".

If a converted time does not appear, turn on Converting.
If the conversion is incorrect, choose a different Meet Type.



  1. In Setup > Meet Setup, choose the type of meet to choose the conversions.
  2. Check Hytek > Set Up > Entry Scoring Preferences > Entries/Results > Convert Hand Entry Times to FAT
  3. Test hand time conversions before you import.