2018 CMC Championships
Password Request Form

Welcome to the 2018 CMC Championships.

If this meet has more than one category (e.g. High School and College), be sure to request a password in the correct category.
Example: If you are a high school team, request a high school entry password. If you request a college entry password, your entries may be disqualified.

Please read Meet Information before you request an entry password.

Requesting a password does not guarantee acceptance. 
If accepted, we will add your team at EZMeets.com and e-mail you an entry password.
Then, go to EZMeets.com to enter and update your athletes' entries.

If you do not receive a password within 48 hours, please e-mail meet management.

Please verify that this is the only password request from your team.
If your team is already listed on the EZMeets.com meet entry page team list pop-up menu, do not request another password.

Please keep team name short and unambiguous. Do not use mascot names.
Do not include "High School", "HS", "College", "University", etc.
Example:Use "E. Ajax" not " Eastern Ajax Universiy" or "Ajax Panthers".

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